April 26, 2023

Why is the Black Soldier Fly So Cool?


When I did my initial research into the BSFL searching for an excellent source of protein which could replace beef efficiently, there was one chart which really jumped out at me. I post it below:

Source: Liz Koutsos, Alejandra McComb and Mark Finke. “Insect Composition and Uses in Animal Feeding Applications: A Brief Review”. Annals of the Entomological Society of America, XX(X), 2019, 1–8

It is from the “Entomological Society of America”. (I’m guessing that is a bug society?). Don’t let your eyes go blurry with the chart, just look at the far right column at the bottom: Protein Yield for Black soldier fly larvae = 4.8 - 7.9 kilograms per square meter per year. This tells you that the BSFL yields twice as much protein as does Cricket 2.1 and waaaaay (almost 100,000%) more than Beef 0.005 taking into account feed inputs.

As I have said many times, climate change is priority #1. If we do not get it right and correct it, nothing else matters. Beef and the methane associated with its production are huge inputs to a warming climate, and here we have the little old black soldier fly able to step in and replace a good portion of those proteins: sustainably and efficiently. I love a nice bone-in-rib-eye steak like anyone else might, but we need balance and protein alternatives. And here we have it.