August 21, 2023

EU Grown and Milled Cricket Flour: A Sustainable Clean Label Protein Source

Cricket powder can be used as a sustainable and natural protein source, based in Lithuania in the EU, Eurocrickets offers food processors cricket (Acheta domesticus) flour, a 100% dried and milled powder made from crickets fed on cereal-based, 100% vegetable, soy, and gmo-free, without fish meal or harsh additives, free from any possible medicines or hormones) with a stable level of protein, vitamins & minerals. The Eurocricket flour has over 64% protein and is very rich in saturated fatty acids, vitamins, etc.

The cricket farming and the flour processing take place within the same newly built facility, what guarantees always fresh raw material.

The Eurocrickets cricket flour production process:

  • Crickets are harvested and cooled down to under 20 degrees
  • Crickets are washed  – resulting in a very clean raw material ready for processing
  • Sterilized and dried – use of advanced technologies including microwave drying, maintains mild nutty umami smell and taste, light brown color and removes any microbial cells while nutritional values remain unchanged
  • Cool down - milled to a fine texture powder, packaged into vacuum packs, to protect the product and increase shelf life

Organoleptic & nutritional properties of Eurocricket Flour:

  • Light NUTTY UMAMI taste and smell
  • Sustainable and natural source of protein – 60%
  • Combined with dietary fibers
  • Saturated fatty acids Omega 3, 6, 9
  • Vitamins A, B12, D3
  • Microelements Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium
  • Suitable for allergy-prone and animals with digestive disorders
  • And its all NATURAL

Uses for cricket powder include:

  • Supplement – to enrich the natural diet
  • Main ingredient – for those allergy-prone or with digestive disorders
  • Main food or snack

Eurocrickets can also supply:

  • Just cricket bodies (that is dried cricket bodies with legs and antennas removed) to make the production process even easier and faster
  • Frozen crickets – crickets in 2 sizes, frozen in blocks either in large size (with wings) or standard size (without wings)
  • Dried crickets – in standard and large sizes
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