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MAECK produces climate friendly, alternative protein treats dogs love. Made from black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) grubs, they provide an alternative to methane and carbon dioxide producing meat sources and reduce your pets’ carbon paw print. Raised on upcycled pre-consumer food waste, these grubs are an efficient and sustainable protein source. Insect based dog food and treats are good for the planet and great for your pet.

What is the Black Soldier Fly (BSF)?

The Black Soldier Fly is native to the southern United States and South America and can now be found across all continents. It is raised by industrial scale biotechnology companies which harvest the grubs for insect based dog food and other animal feed. These grubs are extremely efficient in breaking down organic waste and are an alternative source of protein for aquaculture, animal feed and adult dog food. The grub is highly palatable, nutritious, and require far fewer resources than traditional sources of protein (meat). As an alternative to meat, it reduces the amount of methane polluting gases from cattle and because it feeds on pre-consumer food waste there are less greenhouse gases emitted from landfills. 

Why is the Black Soldier Fly important?

In addition to reduced greenhouse gases, the edible BSF has a high food conversion rate, meaning it requires far less feed than livestock to produce the same amount of protein. Using less global resources to produce more protein is a very good thing. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) reports “trends towards 2050 predict a steady population increase to 9 billion people, forcing an increased food/feed output from available agro-ecosystems resulting in an even greater pressure on the environment. Scarcities of agricultural land, water, forest, fishery and biodiversity resources, as well as nutrients and non-renewable energy are foreseen.” BSF is a viable important solution to this global problem. 

Please visit "The Science of Alternative Proteins" tab to learn more about the science of BSF grub proteins: nutrition, palatability, and earth environmental benefits. 

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The ACVIM (Nutrition) Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists at Veterinary Nutritional Consultations, Inc (VNC)
have reviewed these treat recipes and the products contain AAFCO approved ingredients.

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